Hurricane Relief Info

Hurricane Relief Info

Posted by Dreamweave Bamboo Bliss on Oct 15, 2018

Hurricane Michael is one of the worst storms to hit the U.S. in history. We will always try to do whatever we can to assist in the relief efforts no matter how small. We have done research on valid relief agencies and groups that are here to help others and not themselves. Please do whatever you can to chip in. These are simply links with information and we are not affiliated with them nor do we get any sort of recognition for linking to them.

Several good organizations and individuals have deployed to areas affected to provide assistance. Of course, everyone knows the RedCross is there to help. We realize most people are already donating to the RedCross. But we wanted to bring attention to some of lesser known organizations that are providing vital assistance to these areas. These are all highly effective and trusted organizations that are already on the ground providing relief. These organizations also need your help in supporting the communities affected.

Mercury One and their partner organizations are collecting donations in response to the devastation. This network of trusted partner organizations are on the ground providing support, each doing what they do best. Donors can be confident that the money collected will be directed where it is needed most. Donate to Mercury One here.

Partner organizations include:

Operation BBQ is on the ground in Florida. Serving thousands of meals to those affected and first responders. They are currently prepared to serve 5000-8000 meals daily. Donate to Operation BBQ here.

Team Rubicon‘s veteran based organization has deployed boat crews in search and rescue efforts and are assisting emergency services in the overall response effort. They coordinate with helicopter crews to identify individuals that need to be rescued. They also deploy volunteers to areas for the cleanup process. Donate to Team Rubicon here.

CitiIMPACT has church partners to deliver meals and distribute supplies and have deployed semi trucks with relief aid. They also set up assessment teams and volunteers on-site and set up points of distribution to serve meals. They are also involved in debris removal and the muck out process as it becomes safe in various areas. Donate to CitiIMPACT here.

Somebody Cares has distributed truckloads of immediate humanitarian supplies, and have provided cots to shelters. They are currently setting up distribution centers and are providing crisis & trauma chaplaincy. Volunteer teams will be in affected areas to begin clean-up, case assessments, and do minor repairs. Donate to Somebody Cares here.

Gleaning for the World has deployed tractor trailer loads of water, various supplies and blankets and assist with the coordination of clean-up operations. Donate to Gleaning for the World here.

The Provisions Project is provides funding to search and rescue with fuel, equipment, and meals. And perform door to door comprehensive searches to find victims and to ensure that destroyed homes have been vacated. They also are provide basic humanitarian aid and cleaning supplies to assist with cleanup. Donate to The Provisions Project here.

Thank you for your support.