Bamboo Bliss Care

Caring for Bamboo Bliss Bedding, Towels and Apparel

The good news is, bamboo fiber is naturally stain resistant, durable and easily cared for without the use of harsh detergents and bleach, but does require some special care to maintain the luxurious and natural qualities over the long-term.

Simply put, wash separately in cool water, mild detergent (no bleach, no fabric softener), dry on the lowest heat setting, and remove promptly to reduce wrinkles. Warm iron if needed.


Be Gentle & Understanding ~ Bamboo fabric naturally blooms with use and wash. The blooming process is what makes the fabric increasingly soft. Blooming occurs as short fibers release from the surface of the fabric. Contact with rougher fabrics when washing, rough skin, razor stubble, etc., can cause pilling. With proper care loose fibers will diminish over time, and you will be left with incredibly smooth, soft sheets and bedding.

Keep it Cool When Washing ~ We recommend washing prior to use. As with any natural fiber fabric, bamboo fabric can shrink, especially on first washing. We use no chemical additives to prevent wrinkling or shrinking. Wash bedding or towels separately from other fabrics, in cold water. NEVER use hot water when washing or high heat when drying. High heat can damage the fibers and cause shrinking. Set on a gentle cycle. We recommend using an eco-friendly detergent, mild detergent (preferably one for natural fibers, with neutral pH, or for delicate fabrics). DO NOT use anything that contains chlorine bleach or harsh chemicals. CAUTION: Deep cleaning detergents such as Tide, Cheer, or All, contain chemicals that can damage fibers  and cause pilling. TIP: to naturally brighten and soften sheets – add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the wash cycle and 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. For tough stains you can use an oxygen bleach (such as OxyClean) or a chlorine-free stain remover. But you should always test in a small spot prior to using any stain remover, some can stain the fabric.

No Bleach or Fabric Softeners Necessary ~ Bamboo fiber is more easily damaged by bleaching than other fabrics. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets leave a film on fabric which hinders the natural properties and stain resistance Do not use dryer balls, these can cause pilling. Bamboo fabric is naturally soft. There is no need for odor removal, since bamboo fabric does not easily pick up odors, and is static resistant. DO NOT use detergents containing chlorine bleach or harsh stain removers, which can damage fibers.

Keep it Low When Drying ~ Your bamboo sheets can be safely dried on a low heat setting (we recommend Extra Low Heat if possible). To prevent wrinkles, we recommend untwisting sheets and pillowcases, smooth and straightening hems prior to drying. Remove immediately after drying and fold or put on bed. Wrinkles will set in if left sitting in dryer or in laundry basket. Warm iron if needed. Note: Bamboo Bliss fabrics are not treated with chemicals to prevent wrinkling and shrinking.

*NOTE* COVERLET and EURO SHAM CARE: Because of the quilting, you may want to professionally dry clean your Euro Shams and Coverlets. But coverlets and euro shams can be washed following the above care instructions if you prefer. To spot clean, dampen with cloth and blot with NON-BLEACH spot remover, test underside first. 

*NOTE* PILLOW CARE: Remove from packaging, unroll, lay flat. Pillow will expand over time. To speed expansion, put in dryer on low for 10-15 min.

Down Alternative Pillows are washable: follow care instructions above to wash and dry down alternative pillows.

*Goose Down Pillows: Dry cleaning is recommended to preserve the quality of your goose down pillows.