Why You Should Have a Hammock In Your Home

Why You Should Have a Hammock In Your Home

Jan 13, 2015

Sure they are an awesome commodity during the summer, but having a hammock year round in your home is crazy, right? That's where you are mistaken. Hammocks inside the home are one of the hottest trends in modern home design, and offer many health benefits while looking fantastic in their designated space. A hammock can be well placed in practically any room in your home. If you strategically place the hammock correctly, it can be the perfect addition to any room. Aside from the aesthetics that a hammock will bring your space, the best reason to have one installed in your home are the health benefits from cashing in you mattress and converting to a hammock.

Scientifically, sleeping in a hammock is the best option to fall asleep faster than you ever could on a mattress for a myriad of reasons.  First off, being wrapped in the hammock reminds the mind and body of being in the womb, which is a very natural trigger to help put you to sleep. A second reason it will help you to fall asleep faster is the natural rocking and rhythm from the hammock's suspension. Also reminiscent of the infant years as you were rocked to sleep by your mother or father, this relaxes the mind and body to help put you in a deeper, faster sleep.

Have you ever woken up from a night's sleep only to find your body in excruciating pain and stiff as a board? This is due to the pressure points being triggered, forcing you to toss and turn all night, never achieving as good of sleep as you need or want. In a hammock, the suspension in the air creates a zero pressure point zone, which in turn creates the ideal environment for an adequate night of sleep and a more energized day for you.

Sleeping a hammock will directly affect the quality of your life. When your body is sleeping well night after night, countless sleep studies have proven that you are living better. Take a hospital bed for example. Designed for the patient to be on their back with the head slightly elevated. This optimized circulation for both the heart and the brain. A hammock accomplishes this same task, while being more comfortable than a hospital bed in every way.

From numerous health benefits, to a adding a fresh new look to any room in the house, a hammock is a great choice if you are looking to spice things up in your house and add some comfort while you're at it.