Why You Should Choose Bamboo Sheets

Why You Should Choose Bamboo Sheets

May 04, 2021

Your bed should be the most comfortable spot in your home. From the mattress, to the pillow, even down to the type of sheets you use, all these factors will help create a comfortable place to rest your head, or stop you from getting the adequate rest you need each night. When it comes to the kind of sheets you are using for your bedding, they are not something you should skimp on. High quality sheets can help a lot in a great night's sleep. While cotton sheets are still arguably the most popular fabric for beds, bamboo sheets are starting to make a name for themselves and creeping into catalogs and on to shelves in stores everywhere. Why should you choose bamboo sheets over the traditional cotton fabric? There are many reasons in fact that your next sheet purchase should be bamboo sheets.

There are many advantages to choosing bamboo sheets over cotton sheets, the biggest one being, it is one of the most eco-friendly materials at our disposal. Bamboo plants grow at an incredibly fast rate and is 100 percent renewable. While trees need to be replanted and requires extensive care to prevent from being damaged, bamboo is a naturally pest-resistant, making it a much more resilient and reliable material than timber.

Bamboo sheets are also a much healthier option for you than cotton sheets. Bamboo is very resistant to bacteria and other unhealthy microorganisms. The combination of sweat, oil, and skin cells will pile up on cotton sheets. With bamboo however, it is naturally resistant to these particles, making it a safer and healthier option in the long run.

While bamboo sheets may be a little more expensive than cotton sheets, you truly do get what you pay for when you invest in these sheets. Comparable in softness to Egyptian cotton, bamboo sheets are one of the softest fabrics you can sleep on; much softer than standard cotton sheets. Although luxurious, bamboo fabric is a quite durable material, often more durable than the traditional cotton many sheets are made from. Making them a longer lasting investment, so the added price pays for it self in the long run. Bamboo sheets are also a much more breathable material than traditional cotton, keeping you more comfortable at night while you are sleeping.

If you are in the market for new sheets for your bed, consider looking into bamboo sheets for your purchase. There are many options available and even more reasons for you to make the switch to bamboo. https://www.bambooblisssheets.com