The Importance of Sleeping Free, Liberated and Independent.

The Importance of Sleeping Free, Liberated and Independent.

Posted by Dreamweave Bamboo Bliss on Jun 27, 2023

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. But most people don’t consider how our bedding can effect our sleep pattern. When we consider our comfort, we often look first to our mattress and pillows. But what many people don’t realize is that our sheets and bedding are just as important. Our sheets, comforters and blankets determine our comfort on many levels. The many natural qualities of organic bamboo and eucalyptus bedding can allow us to get a better night's sleep. HERE'S HOW...

Sleep Free – freedom from chemicals, allergens, germs and bacteria.

You will sleep worry-free knowing that our fabrics sourced from bamboo and eucalyptus are grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Bamboo and eucalyptus fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and chemical free:

  • naturally inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria
  • naturally odor and mildew resistant – keeping your linens fresh longer
  • naturally repels odors and allergens – perfect for people with allergies and skin sensitivities

  • Most fabrics that are advertised as anti-microbial have had chemical treatments applied to the textile or into the yarn itself. We also use no chemical additives. No formaldehyde coating is used to prevent wrinkles or shrinking. (Formaldehyde is what the cotton industry uses to make their linens wrinkle-resistant). Rest worry-free knowing you're sleeping on eco-friendly fabrics without added toxic coatings.

    Bamboo Bliss is a Celebration of Freedom.


    Sleep Liberated – liberate your body with breathable, temperature regulating, moisture wicking sheets.

    Whether you tend to sleep hot or cold, your body temperature fluctuates during the night. Bamboo and eucalyptus sheets sense moisture and temperature changes and adjust to keep you dry and comfortable:

  • millions of micro gaps make bamboo and eucalyptus the most breathable, fastest wicking fabrics available
  • micro gaps in the fabric expand and contract as your body temperature fluctuates – releasing heat to keep you cool or containing heat keep you warm
  • micro gaps allow more air to flow between the fabric and your skin – no need to worry about overheating
  • micro gaps in the fabric quickly move (wick) moisture away from your body to the outer surface of the fabric and rapidly evaporate moisture – preventing sweat from saturating the fabric to keep you clean and dry

  • Compared to other luxury linens, bamboo and eucalyptus fabrics breathe 25% better than cotton, cool 3 times better than cotton, and cool 10-20 times better than any fine silk. (Cotton and silk are 2 of the worst wicking fabrics). Bamboo and eucalyptus possess natural moisture wicking properties, without the use of chemical treatments. Although cotton has long been considered a “breathable” fabric, cotton is actually a non-wicking fabric. Cotton easily becomes saturated with sweat and does not dry quickly – at first making you feel hot and sticky, and ultimately cold and clammy. Some cotton fabrics have been specially treated to make them moisture wicking, but their performance is no comparison to organic moisture wicking action of bamboo and eucalyptus.

    Bamboo Bliss is a (Fireworks) Display of Comfort.


    Sleep Independence – no fabric softener needed for this naturally soft, static free and odor resistant bedding.

    Bamboo and eucalyptus bedding allows you to sleep independent of chemicals. The first thing you will notice when you open your bamboo or eucalyptus sheets and bedding is the incredible soft feel. As noted above, these fabrics are grown and processed with no chemical additives. So why would you want to undo all of those great qualities by adding fabric softener?

  • fabric softener and dryer sheets put a chemical coating on the fabric which can be absorbed into your skin – fabric softener coatings can also cause stains to set in.
  • these incredibly soft linens get softer with every use and wash – bamboo and eucalyptus fabrics naturally “bloom” as short fibers release from the surface of the fabric – the blooming process is what makes the fabrics increasingly soft and smooth over time.
  • Don't be mislead by the luxuriously soft texture, Bamboo Viscose and Eucalyptus Tencel™ fabrics are extremely smooth, soft, and strong:
  • our Bamboo Viscose and Eucalyptus Tencel™ fabrics are 300, 400 and 600 thread count construction – giving them a softness and strength equal to about 1000 thread count fine cotton.
  • made from high strength, high quality 80 and 60 thread weight Bamboo Viscose and Eucalyptus Tencel™ single ply yarn – which is important to strength and to prevent pilling (2 ply yarns are more susceptible to pilling).
  • yarns are tightly woven into either a 300 and 400 thread count Sateen Twill or a 600 thread count Smooth Sateen weave – the tight weave also prevents pilling.

  • Bamboo Viscose and Eucalyptus TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers also help to maintain the environmental balance. Eucalyptus and bamboo are highly sustainable and biodegradable, and thus can fully revert back to nature.Unlike cotton it does not need a great amount of water to grow (requiring only 1/3 the amount of water as cotton). Bamboo and eucalyptus fibers originate from the renewable raw material wood, created by photosynthesis. These fabrics are produced using an environmentally responsible closed loop production process, which transforms wood pulp into cellulosic fibers with high resource efficiency and low environmental impact. This solvent-spinning process recycles process water and reuses the solvent. No chemicals are retained in the fiber, so you can be sure that your bedding choices are not contributing to an adverse impact on you, your family or the environment.

    Bamboo Bliss is the Grand Finale of Luxury.