Spring is Here. Time for a Bedroom Refresh...

Spring is Here. Time for a Bedroom Refresh...

Posted by Dreamweave Bamboo Bliss on Mar 28, 2024

SPRING is the perfect time to update your sheets and bedding!

As Spring arrives, temperatures change, flowers bloom, and colors change. It's the perfect time to give your bedroom a refresh that will brighten up your decor. We change our clothing weights and styles as the seasons change. We should do the same with our bedding. Here are some simple tips to make your bedroom a look and feel fresh for Spring.

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#1: Refresh Your Bedding for Spring

Refresh Your Bed for Spring

Just like with clothing, layering provides versatility as the temperature changes. Using several layers will allow you to utilize more layers on cooler nights and shed layers on warmer nights. Sheets are the foundation, and no matter what the season a blanket and/or coverlet is a must. We recommend layering sheets, a coverlet, and/or a fluffy duvet at the foot of your bed. Layering will keep you ready for Spring temperature fluctuations, so you are sure to stay comfortable throughout the night.


#2: Sheets are the Foundation.

Sheets are the Foundation

It all starts with sheets. Our bed sheets are what our body comes in contact with as we sleep. So sheets are the foundation of your bedding and your sleep comfort. So it’s important to start with natural fiber fabric sheets and bedding that is temperature regulating to keep you comfy no matter what the season. Amazingly soft, thermal regulating Bamboo and Eucalyptus fabrics are the perfect choice year round. These incredible “smart” fabrics are made with fibers that expand and contract to adjust to the temperature, making the fabric cool and breathable in when it's warm and contracting to keep you warm in the cooler temperatures.

Bamboo Bliss has the best quality and selection of eco-luxury organic bedding. All of our bedding is made from 100% Bamboo and Eucalyptus, which is known for it’s incredible breathability and ability to wick moisture away from your body. Perfect for keeping you comfortable and dry every day of the year.



#3: Coverlets. The staple for ALL seasons.

Coverlets. The staple for ALL Seasons

This is one bedding accessory you will never put away, regardless of the season. Coverlets are the most versatile layer for all seasons. The lightweight quilting makes it perfect for warmer months and the foundation to build upon when layering your bedding for Spring. Top it off with a duvet and you are ready for the cooler temperatures in fall and winter.


#4: Replace Darker Winter Tones with Sophisticated Patterns and Lighter Tones.

It’s amazing what difference color and pattern can make. You can’t go wrong with white no matter what season. But put away those darker winter colors and incorporate brighter tones. To give you bedroom a bright fresh feel. Just look at how we’ve created a fresh sophisticated look by just replacing a darker duvet cover with our New Classic Damask pattern duvet cover and accessorized with a new champagne beige coverlet and blanket. You could do the same with our New Platinum Deco Mod pattern to transform your bedroom to 5 Star Resort luxury.

TIP: If you have a darker colored duvet cover or comforter that you can’t afford to replace, just fold it down and use it as an accent at the foot of your bed. Works great as a foot warmer and it’s ready to use when needed on cooler nights. That way you can just replace your sheets with a lighter brighter color and you’ve created a fresh new look.



#5: Update Your Color Scheme and Accessorize for the Season.

Replace your darker sheets and/or duvet cover with lighter hues. Introduce light and natural neutral tones to your existing color palette. You can combine any color with neutral tones like: khaki, beige, sage, mocha and grey, and this will tone down your color palette and allow you to introduce new colors for any season. Bamboo Bliss has an amazing variety of colors that will almost certainly work to enhance your existing decor.

Poofy pillows give your room a inviting comfy feel. New pillowcases and a variety of throw pillows are a low cost, easy way to update your color scheme to fresh spring tones. Plus our throw pillows provide great lumbar support. Use them on your bed, chairs, and sofas. Choose from a wide variety of pillowcases and shams, and our new quilted bamboo throw pillows to update your decor in any room.

Accessories can give your bedroom new life. Seasonal decor, throw pillows, and accessories are a great way to give your bedroom a new look. Display new pictures and wall art as the seasons change to bring each season to life.





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