National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Awareness Week® March 10-16

National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Awareness Week® March 10-16

Posted by Dreamweave Bamboo Bliss on Mar 10, 2024

It’s time to be your

Best Slept Self ®

March 10-16, 2024

National Sleep Foundation Sleep Awareness Week

National Sleep Foundation’s Best Slept Self™ campaign is March 10-16, 2024

Every year, the National Sleep Foundation takes this time to reemphasize the important connection between your sleep and your health and well-being. We’re here to help you become your Best Slept Self. Because deep, rejuvenating sleep is what we toss-and-turn about.

We encourage you to Discover NSF sleep resources

Where they break down their research results and translate all the scientific stuff into knowledge and advice you can apply to your daily sleep routine. You can start by reading some of the articles: 

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

Getting enough sleep is doable and important for your health. Read on for how many hours to strive for at every age.

What Is Sleep Quality?

You might be getting enough hours, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the most restful type of sleep. These strategies can help.

How to Make a Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

If you’re having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, it could be that your bedroom isn’t set up optimally. Use these four tips to help create a relaxing, sleep-friendly bedroom.

How is Your Sleep Health Linked to Your Mental Health?


3 tips to help you get a good nights rest:

  1. All kinds of good things happen when you sleep. Sleep is extremely helpful to healing many ailments. Our bodies rest, detox, de-stress and rejuvenate while we sleep.
  2. Getting a good 7-8 hours of sound sleep per night is critical for healing and optimally functioning throughout the day. We all know how awful it is to drag our bum through the day when we’ve had little sleep, anxiously awaiting bedtime to get over it! All kinds of good things happen when you sleep; your metabolism resets, inflammation is reduced, your memory is improved, you can more easily lose weight, reduce the risk of depression, and your body repairs itself.
  3. Invest in comfortable bedding, including your mattress, pillows, and sheets. Look for a mattress and pillows that support your spine, and use bedding that helps you maintain your ideal temperature at night.

Bamboo & Eucalyptus Bedding offers the best qualities to ensure you get the best sleep possible:

Bamboo linens breathe better to prevent sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations at night. Bamboo fabric has incredible thermo-regulation and adjusts to your perfect sleep temperature. Both softer and cooler to the touch than traditional linens, bamboo fabric provides advanced heat and moisture transfer through evaporative moisture wicking and cooling.