How To Utilize Feng Shui In Your Room

How To Utilize Feng Shui In Your Room

Feb 03, 2015

The idea behind Feng Shui is really simply intelligent design. In the case of your bedroom, this means having the proper arrangements in order to make it more conducive to the function of the room. Not only that, but when you get these arrangements right everything else falls into place; it may even enhance your overall health and well being. It is about balance and allowing your natural energy to flow. Here are some of the main elements to keep in mind when utilizing Feng Shui in your bedroom.

Balance Hates Clutter:

The first step need to enhance the Feng Shui balance of your room is to reduce clutter as much as possible. This also should include work related items; your bedroom is not a place of work, so remove everything that is work related. Dirt, dust, and just general messiness is also felt to create discord and poor harmony.

Make Your Bed The Power Position Focus:

Your bed should be the main focus and kept in the power position. There are a number of rules for how to do this, including placing the bed as far away from the door as possible and in such a way that you can see the entire room.

Diagonally is the best bed position and you never want the bed to be in a direct line from the door. If your feet are directly facing the door, the energy flowing through and from the door will disrupt your sleep and potentially cause health problems.

Feng Shui Is About Safety:

Above all else, your bedroom should feel safe (of course, being able to actually see the door from your bed is a good start). This means no sharp objects to bump into or heavy objects hanging overhead. Think about the natural pathways and do not put anything to block these. You want furniture to be soft and comfortable. Also try to avoid anything that might show your reflection while in bed.

Remove Electronics From The Bedroom:

Feng Shui principles would argue that electronic devices should be removed from the bedroom (just like work related items). This even includes the TV, which is like inviting strangers into your inner sanctum. Plus, the electrical currents created can actually disrupt your sleep. The TV and other electronic devices are also distractions that create a sense of separation between you and your partner.

The Bedroom Reflects Your Personality:

Your bedroom also says a lot about you. If it is dark and closed up, this is a rather obvious description. By simply making some changes in line with the principles of Feng Shui, creating a more open bedroom plan with lots of natural light could help to open yourself to new relationships and change your life in other ways.

The items in your bedroom should be special to you. After all, this is the place where you will spend the most time. Create a sanctuary for yourself, something clear, centered, and peaceful. It will actually go a long way to helping make these changes in other areas of your life as well.