How To Use Faux Reclaimed Wood Beams

How To Use Faux Reclaimed Wood Beams

Posted by Faux Wood Beams on May 04, 2021

Due to the great lumber shortage of 2021 and the skyrocketing prices one of the most popular trends in home decorating right now is exposed wood beams. Exposed wood beams can give your home a unique, rustic farmhouse look. But real reclaimed wood can come at a hefty price. Not only that, but old wooden beams can be extremely heavy, and deteriorate over time – after all, they can be over a hundred years old!

Faux reclaimed wood beams are a great option for homeowners who want to add the look and feel of exposed reclaimed wood, without the heavy price tag. They are made of polyurethane, making them light, durable, and weather-resistant – meaning you can use them indoors and out!

Here’s some design inspiration to help you envision how faux reclaimed wood beams can add rustic charm to your home.


One of the hallmarks of a farmhouse look is exposed wood. Create a charming, cozy look by using faux reclaimed wood beams to line your ceiling. Here are some of our most popular architectural styles for inspiration for your own home or business space.

Our collection of faux columns are designed to enhance any interior or exterior space with natural elegance and beauty.

faux reclaimed wood beams installed on living room ceiling

Farmhouse style delicately balances the old with the new to create a modern, but cozy and comfortable space.

Lining a contemporary style living room ceiling with faux beams can create just enough of a rustic look to bring the intimate elements of the style into your look, to mesh perfectly with a modern living space.

intricate truss design installed in a living room

You can also use faux beams to create the look of exposed trusses, mimicking a rustic barn or farmhouse style. Or, keep just the horizontal beam to bring the height of your ceiling down. Thick horizontal rafters can make an open space feel timelessly comfortable and warm.

simple faux reclaimed wood beams installed in kitchen

Use beams running the length of your ceiling to enclose your space, bringing the ceiling lower and giving the feel of a cozy, country home with contemporary elements. You can also install beams to conceal flaws, such as uneven ceilings, cracks, or exposed plumbing - thick beams work well for these purposes!

With a broad range of colors and textures to select from, AZ Faux Beams is your one-stop source for creating a cohesive design from floor to ceiling.

unique interlacing faux beam design on ceiling

Interlacing beams on your ceiling can create a beautiful, lattice feature. Lattice-ceilings bring visual interest and novelty to your living spaces and are sure to be a conversation piece.


Fireplaces are the focal point of your living space. They can help you add to the rustic, comfortable feel of your home, without having to invest in larger beams to cover your ceilings. A little goes a long way – a restored fireplace mantel can transform the look of your entire living room. Create a cozy, natural-looking mantel that will last for years to come by using faux reclaimed wood beams.

faux reclaimed wood beam fireplace mantle

With or without stone paneling, wood beams can bring that extra touch of a farmhouse feel to your mantel.

AZ Faux Beams offers a wide variety of colors to coordinate with any stone paneling you may have already or are planning to add. Our mantels are hand-built, so they will fit and match your space perfectly. We also offer a selection of stone paneling to help complete your design look.

Outdoor Spaces

Your home’s first impression begins outside. If you’re looking to switch up your style or upgrade your home décor, you don’t have to completely re-do the exterior architecture to revamp its look and feel. Adding small elements like faux wood features can help to emphasize the aspects of your home that you love the most while tying together the interior and exterior.

faux wood decorative features used on the exterior of a large home

Adding simple wood accents can transform a basic home facade into a chic rustic farmhouse style – our faux wood beams can also be painted to match your pre-existing trim, making for a uniform look.

faux reclaimed wood beams installed as panels on the ceiling of an outdoor patio

Bring the rustic look you’ve created indoors to your outdoor living space.

If you are planning to install interior ceiling beams, you can continue the beams outdoors to provide continuity between your inside and outside style. The weatherproof nature of faux reclaimed wood beams translates into a perfect option for exterior projects.

a storefront that uses faux wood accents on the exterior doorway

Reimagine your storefront.

If you are a business owner, you can make your storefront stand out from the crowd. Transform a generic strip mall look with a beautiful, rustic, welcoming style by adding a faux reclaimed wood beam – the lightweight nature of faux beams will ease landlord concerns about damage to buildings, and the weatherproof beams mean you won’t have to worry about damage or deterioration.

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