Bamboo Socks & Scarfs

Bamboo Socks & Scarfs

TRY OUR NEW Bambootsies! Bamboo Organic Cotton Socks AND Bamboo Infinity Scarfs

Bamboo Everyday Infinity Scarf

Our super soft, tubular infinity style scarf. Goes with anything. Can be worn as a neck scarf or head scarf. Ultra soft, moisture wicking bamboo fabric is great for your hair. You can even use it to wrap your after showering. This will be a staple for everyday use and wear.

BUY SINGLE SCARF OR 3 PACK (1 of each color)!


Bambootsies! Bamboo Organic Cotton Socks 

Your tootsies will love Bambootsies! Our super soft and breathable socks are moisture wicking. Soft knit fabric evaporates sweat and prevents odors. Great for athletics or everyday wear.

BUY them by the PAIR, 3 PAIR PACK or 6 PAIR PACK!