How to fold a fitted sheet

Mar 16, 2016

Recently we have been getting calls and emails from customers asking us for tips about folding fitted bed sheets. Everyone wants those sheets to be like they were when they arrived from us fresh in the package. Unfortunately that is not possible to achieve unless you have an industrial sheet-folding machine, not very practical.

We found a video to share with you today. A special thanks goes out to our new friends at They were gracious enough to grant us permission to show this video. We also encourage you to look at their site which is chock full of really great information. You will be able to see a lot of videos starring Jill Cooper who really has some great tips and ideas that everyone can benefit from.

The instructional video “how to fold a fitted sheet” is specifically helpful for folding fitted sheets that have elastic all the way around the edges. This is important because this is just how our bamboo sheets are constructed. You do not need any special devices, just your hands and a flat surface. This will work on any type of bed sheet not just bamboo.

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